Bosch 3 Bar T-MAP MAP Sensor with IAT

Item #: 0281006077
    Price: $42.59

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    Define your air mass with Bosch T-MAP sensors. These manifold absolute pressure sensors precisely measure the absolute pressure in your intake manifold and compare it with a reference vacuum. Plus, they allow your engine management system to accurately detect inlet air temperature, as well as manifold pressure. These integrated Bosch T-MAP sensors are extremely robust and are not sensitive to oils, fuels, or fluids. Get the lowdown on your engine load and improve engine performance with T-MAP sensors from Bosch.

    Please note that the vehicle's ECU will not recognize Bosch MAP sensors correctly without proper tuning. You will need to use the COBB AccessPort or VersaTuner to adjust the MAP scaling for the new sensor.

    NOTE: Previous Bosch part number was 0281002845.