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COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter for Mazdaspeed 3
Price: $275.00

Item #: 271316 - CAD designed, machined from 6061 billet aluminum, and anodized a vibrant COBB blue, the Gen1 MAZDASPEED3 Double-Adjustable shifter offers independently adjustable shift-knob height and shifter throw length while retaining the full reverse-lockout... [more info...]
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COBB Tuning Shifter Weight for Mazdaspeed 3/6
Price: $30.00

Item #: 271300 - For those seeking improved shift response and to ensure the transmission stays in gear during aggressive driving, we have enhanced the shifting mechanism with our CAD designed Shift Weight. Reducing the weight of the shifting system by over 0.66... [more info...]
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ACT Clutch Kit with Flywheel for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $848.00-$945.00

Item #: ZX-HD - An industry leader in performance clutch and flywheels, Advanced Clutch Technology uses state-of-the art material element analysis and laboratory testing to make various clutches, kits, and flywheels used by motorsports enthusiasts at many levels.... [more info...]
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ACT XACT Prolite Flywheel for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
List Price:$441.00
Price: $374.85

Item #: 600521 - The Prolite flywheel is ACT's lighter flywheel offering with lowest inertia. Prolite flywheels are designed for best throttle response and acceleration. Prolite flywheels are preferred for road racing or rally racing, and have reduced drivability.... [more info...]
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ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
List Price:$506.00
Price: $430.10

Item #: 600641 - The Streetlite flywheel is considerably lighter than stock and is the most durable flywheel offering from ACT. Materials are properly distributed for maximum strength, lower inertia, good heat tolerance and rigidity. ACT's Streetlite flywheels are... [more info...]
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Damond Motorsports Short Shift Plate for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $45.00

Item #: DMMSSPB - The Damond Morotsports Short Shifter Plate(SSP), is a great way to shorten the shifter throw on your Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6. The Damond Motorsports SSP works by moving the ball on which the shifter cable is mounted closer to the input selector... [more info...]
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Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $362.22

Item #: 161071 - Revolution Performance Manufacturing is now proud to offer Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels. Here is what Fidanza has to say about the product: "Our aluminum flywheels are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum. The material is fantastic for... [more info...]
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JBR Adjustable Short Shift Plate Kit for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $80.00-$107.50

Item #: SSP - JBR's Adjustable Short Throw Shift Plate kits are the simplest and most effective way to reduce the throw of your shifter by as little as 20% or by as much as 40%. Our kits come to you complete, and include stainless mounting hardware and a... [more info...]
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JBR Short Shift Weight Kit for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $25.00-$27.50

Item #: MS3/6SSW - Already own a Short Throw Shifter? Still using the stock weight? Get the feel of performance with JBR's Shift Weights. The kit includes: 1 Weight Stainless Mounting Hardware Loctite [more info...]
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JBR Short Shifter for Gen1 Mazdaspeed 3
Price: $144.99

Item #: MS3SS-0709-S1 - The JBR Short Shifter not only reduces the throw of your shifter by 35% but, it also reduces the height of the shifter by 1.75". This direct bolt on shifter is simple to install with ordinary hand tools, it accepts the OEM shift knob and there’s no... [more info...]
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JBR Solid Shifter Bushings for Mazda 3 / Mazdaspeed 3
Price: $27.99

Item #: MZ3MS3SSB - JBR Solid Shifter Bushings replace the stock Mazda rubber grommets that hold the shifter cage to the floor board. The JBR Solid Shifter Bushings create more responsive shifts in your MAZDA. Having solid spacers removes the sloppy feeling and... [more info...]
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South Bend Clutch for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $979.51-$1,523.68

Item #: KMZDSPD - STAGE 2 DAILY (350 ft/lbs) Recommended usage is daily, street and moderate race. Engineered for HP modifications. The heavy duty pressure plate has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The organic disc material has... [more info...]
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Torque Solution Short Shift Plate for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6
Price: $48.99

Item #: TS-MS-003 - Torque Solution Short Shift Plate was designed to reduce that dreaded pickup truck like long throw shift mechanism in the Mazdaspeeds. Our system will give you a more positive and direct feel when shifting gears. Designed for a lifetime of abuse... [more info...]
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