JBR Hybrid Cylidrical Shift Knob

Item #: MS3-CYL-HYB
    Price: $79.99

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    The JBR Hybrid Cylindrical Heavy shift knob is a 3 part design. At the center is a heavy gun metal plated steel core. The core is then wrapped in a meticulously machined thick Delrin sleeve. The core and sleeve are topped off with a laser etched billet aluminum shift pattern.

    Delrin is thermoplastic polymer. We chose Delrin for its high mechanical strength and UV stability. It also never gets hot in the summer and will not cause frostbite during the winter.

    Weighing in at 445 grams, this heavy shift knob allows for smoother shifts by putting the weight at the end of the shift lever. This gives a greater mechanical advantage and lets the stick glide into gear.


    All Non-Skyactiv Mazdas, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infiniti and Kia's


    Shift Knob & Shift Knob Adapter