AWR Transmission Mount for Mazdaspeed 6

Item #: AWR-6301-MTS
    Price: $219.95

    Status: Ships in 2-3 weeks

    Complete mount on top of transmission for MAZDASPEED6 with 70 or 88, or 95 durometer solid urethane bushings. Improves driveline response by inhibiting driveling lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along.

    Completely new fabricated and reinforced mount, available in silver (as pictured), or gold zinc plated. The 88 durometer bushings are recommended for the street and the 95 durometer are only recommended for racing, as they are too hard for the street and may cause undesirable resonance in the car.

    The 70 durometer bushings are NOT recommended for this application, but are available if you need them for a special purpose.