XCarLink iPod/AUX Kit for Mazda - XCLi-MAZ
XCarLink iPod/AUX Kit for Mazda - XCLi-MAZ
XCarLink iPod/AUX Kit for Mazda

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    Status: Discontinued
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    This product was discontinued due to it's primary use of the old 30-pin iPod cable. However, we now offer the XCarLink BlueTooth Integration Kit, which connects with all new iPods, iPhones and other devices wirelessly. You can find it here:

    XCarLink BlueTooth Integration Kit

    The XCarLink iPod Integration Kit will revolutionize the way you listen to music in your late-model Mazda! Simply plug in your iPod and listen to it through your car's factory stereo system. The unit will keep your iPod charged, automatically turn on your iPod when you start your car, resume playing right where you left off and it allows you to use your steering wheel controls to change songs!


    • Directly compatible with any iPod/iPhone with a dock connector on the bottom
    • Compatible with newer iPods/iPhones when used with the Apple Lightning Adapter
    • Headphone jack (3.5mm) input for Android phones and all other devices
    • optional Bluetooth handsfree kit (compatible with any Bluetooth mobile phone; outputs phone call through speakers when XCarLink is in use; also supports A2DP audio streaming)
    • Power on automatic play function and power off automatic pause.
    • Automatic pause when switching to FM, AM, CD, or TAPE/MD.
    • Direct connection with CD-quality sound.
    • Use your steering wheel controls to change songs (iPod/iPhone direct connection only).
    • One year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    iPod XCarLink Usage Instructions:

    • Press the CD button twice or use the MODE button on your steering wheel to access the XCarLink unit. If you have your iPod connected, the LCD will display EX1:66, otherwise it will display EX8:88.
    • While the display reads EX1, you will retain complete functionality of your iPod. Any playlist/album/artist selections should be made using the iPod user interface. Tracks can be changed via the steering wheel controls or the seek buttons on the center console. The fast forward and rewind buttons on the center console can also be used to seek within a single song. The timer on the LCD will not accurately reflect the position with a given song.
    • Pressing DISC+/DISC- will put the XCarLink unit in "playlist mode." Each "disc" references a different playlist. EX2 represents the first playlist on your iPod. EX3 represents the second playlist, and so on and so forth, up to EX0, which represents the ninth playlist. Some vehicles, such as the RX-8 and Mazda 3, will only support up to 5 playlists, as they will not go beyond EX6.

      While in playlist mode:
      • The iPod screen will read "OK to disconnect" and the user interface can not be used.
      • The numbers following EX2, EX3, etc. represent the track number within that playlist. For example, EX2:57 would mean that the XCarLink is currently playing the 57th song on the first playlist. If you have many songs on your playlist, the digits following the colon may flash between two different numbers. For example, if the 285th song on the playlist was being played, the digits would flash 2 followed by 85 since there are only two digits available.
      • The timer on the LCD will be accurate for each song.
      • The repeat button can be used to repeat a single song.
      • The random button can be used to play songs in a random order. If you change tracks while you are in random mode, the next track in the playlist will be selected and random mode will be canceled. If you are in random mode and you would like to switch to another random song rather than the next song in the playlist, you should press the random button twice.
      • Fast forward and rewind can be used to seek within a single song and the LCD timer will be updated to reflect your position within the song.
    Installation is easy, but does require removal of your vehicle's head unit from the center console. Once the head unit is removed, the XCarLink simply plugs into the auxiliary/satellite radio port, located on the back of the head unit, as pictured below (port in some vehicles may differ slightly). The XCarLink wiring can then be routed to your glove box, down the center console to the cupholders, or wherever would be most convenient for you.

    NOTE for iPhone 5, 5th gen iPod touch and 7th gen iPod nano: The XCarLink has the original Apple dock connector, so you will need the Apple Lightning adapter in order to use it with these devices. With the adapter, the functionality is the same as with prior models.

    NOTE for 2004 Mazda 6 and ALL international Mazda 6: The factory headunit requires a small modification to the circuit board in order to enable use of the auxiliary/satellite radio port. This was not an issue in 2003 and was resolved for the 2005 model year. If you have a 2004 Mazda 6 or a Mazda 6 that was manufactured in Japan and would like more details, please contact us.

    NOTE for 2004-2005 Mazda RX-8: The factory headunit's firmware revision must be 9.55 or greater. The unit will not work on earlier firmware revisions or with 9.81 or 10.01. To find out which revision your Mazda RX-8 has, make sure the radio (FM) is turned on, then press and hold "TEXT." Then, also press and hold "1" at the same time for a few more seconds. The LCD should then report your firmware version.

    NOTE for 2002-2005 Mazda MX-5: The XCarLink is only compatible with the modular (non-BOSE) headunit.

    NOTE for Mazda CX-7 and CX-9: The XCarLink is only compatible if the factory navigation system is NOT installed.

    NOTE for vehicles with factory auxiliary input: The XCarLink unit is not compatible with the factory auxiliary input. Both this unit and the factory auxiliary input connect to the headunit using the same port, so only one or the other may be used at any given time.

    NOTE for vehicles with integrated Sirius Satellite Radio: The XCarLink unit is not compatible with the integrated Sirius satellite radio module. Both this unit and the factory satellite radio module connect to the headunit using the same port, so only one or the other may be used at any given time. If you have the satellite radio, but do not use it, you are able to switch to the XCarLink with no problems.