Twisted Tuning Full Custom Tune for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6 / CX-7

    Price: $250.00


    RPM has partnered with Twisted Tuning to provide full custom tunes for every product we offer. As an Authorized COBB ProTuner / Dealer, we offer full support for the COBB AccessPort, but we can provide a tune for any tuning hardware/software available on the platform, including Tactrix/MazdaEdit.

    Twisted Tuning's ECU flash increases horsepower and torque output at wheels as well as improves overall vehicle drivability substantially over the factory ECU programming. Whether your vehicle is completely stock, complete with simple bolt-ons, or a completely custom high complexity build. A custom Twisted Tune is the way to maximize and take full advantage of any potential gains on the table.

    Every single Tune is created specifically for your vehicle and its respective modifications, and environment. Twisted Tuning does not believe in Canned/Shelf Tunes. All of this is completed via email and phone correspondence if necessary.

    How is this done via Email?
    You the customer will email specific vehicle datalogs that are requested from Twisted Tuning. The information in these datalogs tells our Tuner exactly what your vehicle is doing, when and why. Our Tuner then makes the necessary tune adjustments and emails you the tune to flash to your vehicle. Wash and Repeat until the vehicle is completely dialed in.

    What is altered in a Twisted Tune?
    Open/Closed Air/Fuel Targets, CAM and Ignition Timing, Rev and Speed Limiters, Load Correction, and Drive-By-Wire tables to name a few. All these tables are modified to give you, the customer the best and most reliable ECU calibration on the market.