Damond Motorsports 3.5" Intake for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6

    Price: $330.00

    Turbo Flange Size:

    Installing numerous different larger intakes over the years, Damond Motorsports wanted to fix a lot of short comings they came across with other intake brands.

    They started their design by 3D scanning a factory intake and turbo inlet pipe. One of their main goals with this intake was fitment, and having the exact dimensions of the factory intake allowed them to engineer a better fitting and easier to install intake. The Damond Motorsports 3.5" intake features a tight-radius mandrel-bent 90° pipe going to the turbo. Using this pipe allows for a much better fitting and sealing intake-to-turbo connection, and makes the install much easier.

    Keeping the intake lightweight was also a priority. They ditched the idea of a separate MAF housing and kept this all a 1-piece design. Less components means less weight, and less of a chance for leaks. They also omitted the BPV recirculation tube to reduce weight, reduce leak points, and make for an overall more compact and sleek design.

    For filtration, they utilize an American made, pre-oiled, and woven-cotton media filter which traps particles as small as 5 microns, and allows for more airflow compared to dry media filters.

    If you have a Mazdaspeed3, this intake will fit with the factory battery box with the ECU relocated or by modifying the battery box mounting holes. For the Mazdaspeed6, the battery tray can be modified to fit the intake. Optionally on both cars, a smaller battery and mount can be used to allow for more room.

    Please note: MAF calibration and tuning is required. This is a non-recirc intake, where a blow-off-valve (BOV) is required. May not fit with some FMIC hot piping.

    Here's common turbo sizes, so you know which coupler to select:


    • Stock K04
    • BNR S1
    • BNR S2
    • CST4
    • Some hybrid turbos


    • BNR S3
    • BW EFR 6258
    • BW EFR 6758
    • Some hybrid turbos


    • Many Garrett turbos
    • BW EFR 7163


    • BNR S4
    • BNR S5
    • BNR S6


    • Many Garrett turbos
    • Many Precision turbos
    • CST5
    • CST6