CX Racing FMIC Piping (customized by RPM) for Mazdaspeed 3 - KIT-RPM-MAZDA3
CX Racing FMIC Piping (customized by RPM) for Mazdaspeed 3 - KIT-RPM-MAZDA3
CX Racing FMIC Piping (customized by RPM) for Mazdaspeed 3

    Price: $469.95

    Hose Color:

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    Treadstone TR6 Intercooler
    List Price:$291.62 Price: $277.04

    Treadstone TR8 Intercooler
    List Price:$301.88 Price: $286.79

    CX Racing's FMIC piping kit is designed with a short route run, highly efficient, with almost no pressure drop difference compare to stock top mount intercooler when running stock boost. It utilizes 2.5" aluminum piping, enforced silicone hoses, and stainless steel T-clamps.

    This kit has been customized by RPM to add a protective silicone sleeve for the pipe that runs down in front of the engine, a longer 90-degree silicone hose for better fitment, and a properly sized hose clamp for the reducer hose.

    This kit does not include the CX Racing intercooler. It is a piping-only kit intended for use with the Treadstone TR6 or TR8 intercooler and RPM's Treadstone intercooler brackets.

    The kit is available in multiple colors. The silicone hoses are available in black, blue and red/black (red straight hoses, black curved hoses).

    The second picture also shows the Treadstone TR8 and RPM Treadstone TR8 Brackets options.


    • The stock BPV recirculation hose will not reach the new BPV location without being stretched. As such, we recommend using an aftermarket BPV recirculation hose, such as the JBR DISI Bypass Valve Return Hose.
    • The area between the motor and radiator shroud is a tight fit. We include the protective silicone sleeve to help with this, but there will still be some rubbing and you will need to keep an eye on this area to ensure that your A/C line is not damaged.