Exedy Racing Flywheel for Mazda 6 i (2.3L)

Item #: ZF502
    Price: $309.29


    EXEDY Racing Flywheels are made from solid one-piece chrome moly steel forgings. These flywheels are not painted billet steel disguised as forgings, like our competition. The EXEDY Racing Flywheels are specifically designed to reduce weight and inertia for better engine response. All EXEDY Racing Flywheels have passed rigorous engineering tests up to 15,000RPM, and come approved for competition by SFI.

    The new EXEDY Racing Flywheel for the Mazda 6 is designed for performance. In keeping with our racing heritage, we have designed a lightweight flywheel that will perform in a 1/4 mile, on a circuit track and on the street with no sacrifice. The weight of this new flywheel is 12 lbs, which will yield better inertia and engine response.