CPE MAFci™ System Bypass Module from RPM

    Price: $29.95

    When the CPE MAFci™ System is installed, the MAF signal wire is cut so that the air/fuel controller (the black box) can do it's job. Once the air/fuel controller and wiring harness are installed, unplugging the harness from the black box will cause your car to stop working and refuse to start.

    To solve this problem, RPM is offering this bypass module. Rather than reconnecting the two MAF signal wires, you can simply plug this module into the wiring harness instead of the black box, and the car will operate as though the black box was never installed.

    Why would you want to disconnect the black box? If you ever needed to remove the intake portion of the MAFci™ System for any reason, you would also need to disconnect the harness from the air/fuel controller. This bypass unit will allow you to do so without removing the CPE wiring harness. Some people choose remove the intake and use the bypass module when they take their car to the dealership.

    NOTE: Running the vehicle without both parts of the MAFci™ System (the intake and the air/fuel controller) is dangerous. You should never operate the vehicle with only the intake installed or with only the black box connected. Both parts of the system need to either be properly installed or completely removed or bypassed in order for the car to operate normally.