Not the best choice, but the only choice.
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I got this Metra Turbo2 Dash kit back in the winter of 2010-2011 and to be honest I think it sucks that this is the only dash kit I could find for the 6. I was going to college at the time and could not bring my car so it would sit for a week or two at a time without being driven, problem was after installing this the battery would die after about a week or so of being unused. This had never happened before so I brought it to a shop to get it checked out. The guy at the shop told me that I was losing 80 milliamps while the car was off and in dormant mode. He thought this was strange so he called the manufacturer of the dash kit and they basically told him that they know it does that but dont really care. Bottom line is if you can find another dash kit, try that, if not then just make sure you don't leave the car dormant for a while.
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