Stratified Automotive Flash Tune for Ford Focus ST

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    Stratified offers customers the most complete custom tuning experience on the market for the Focus ST. They have spent thousands of hours developing calibration maps for almost every setup imaginable through their custom tuning.

    After filling out Stratified's tuning form, you will receive an Stratified Flash Tune via email within 48 business hours set up for the modifications installed on your car.

    The Stratified Flash Tune is customized based on your modifications, fuel you are using and setup preferences. Modifications such as Front Mount Intercoolers, Intakes, Downpipes, Cat-Back exhausts, and Bypass Valves all determine how the tune is setup.

    To further maximize the utility of your Stratified Flash Tune, Stratified includes several setup preferences to suit your needs. These include:
    • Map Switching: We take advantage of the COBB AP's map switching utility allowing you to select from up to 5 different maps. COBB Map Switching
    • Flat Foot Shifting: We can enable flat foot shifting on all the high performance (Slots 1-4) tunes.
    • Launch Control Settings: We can setup different launch control RPMs in Switchable Map Slots 1-4. Street tire cars have this set up between 2500 and 3500 RPM.
    • Low Boost Tune: The main (high performance) tune will be installed in Slots 1-4. We can setup a low power (15psi) map in Slot 5 for winter/poor conditions/limp home.
    • Sound Symposer Disable: The Focus ST sound symposer does not work well with aftermarket cat-back exhausts and becomes very nosiy so we have an option to shut this off without requiring block off plates.
    • Check Engine Light Clearing: We can clear any check engine lights which may arrise from modifications such as a cat-less downpipes.
    These maps are designed and extensively tested to employ Stratified's latest tuning strategies that they have spent countless hours refining. It is a great alternative to any OTS (off the shelf) map for your Mazda.

    The S-OTS+ map is however NOT a fully customized tune. It is a flash tune adapted to work with your particular intake and flow parts. Stratified is NOT going to analyze logs, troubleshoot symptoms, or be responsible for any mechanical issues that may make this calibration incompatible with your vehicle. The Stratified Flash Tune is also not meant to be used with any bigger/aftermarket turbochargers or three port / interrupt style boost control solenoids.

    If you are looking for a full custom tune specifically designed around your particular vehicle, fuel, and modifications, the Stratified Custom Tune is the next step. The custom tuning process is a one on one experience with a professional tuner designed to fully optimize the tune for your vehicle through data analysis and feedback.