CPE 3-inch Down-Pipe for Mazdaspeed 6

Item #: MMS6DP
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    The stock, two-piece downpipe on the Mazdaspeed 6 is one of several parts that stifles the performance potential of the turbocharged and intercooled MZR engine. It has crimps, bends, two catalytic converters, and a constrictive diameter. These attributes were acceptable for Mazda, but not for CPE or its enthusiasts.

    The solution to this problem is as simple as it is elegant: a single 304 stainless steel pipe with a generous 3” diameter, a single high flow metallic cat, and two gentle mandrel bends to contour the Mazdaspeed 6’s underbelly. The new downpipe represents an obvious improvement over the stock unit in both form and function.

    The CPE downpipe will be available with or without catalytic converters, for use on-road or off-road, respectively. The catted downpipe features a monolithic honeycomb catalyst designed for maximum flow and surface area.

    With the CPE downpipe in place, one can expect better than 20 horsepower, and a marked increase in engine responsiveness. Dyno charts can be found below.