SPEC Non-Self-Ratcheting Aluminum Flywheel for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6

Item #: SZ03A-2
    Price: $404.10


    Aluminum Flywheel (SZ03A-2) by SPEC®. Non Self-Ratcheting. SPEC billet flywheels are manufactured and developed for specific driving environments and recommended based on how each car reacts to changes in rotating mass. SPEC flywheels are NOT a one-fits-all lightweight flywheel, though they can be used for an array of driving habits and racing/high performance applications.

    IMPORTANT: This non-self-ratcheting (NSR) flywheel is NOT compatible with the stock clutch or most aftermarket clutches. It is designed specifically for SPEC's line of non-self-ratcheting (NSR) clutches, which you can find here