CPE HeliHose™ Kit for Mazdaspeed 3 / 6 / CX-7

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    Custom Performance Engineering seeks out forced induction vehicles and engineers and manufactures various components. There are a few pieces which are common across various platforms, that being By-Pass-Valves (BPV), which recirculate excess pressure from the turbo with throttle closure.

    The excess pressure needs to be routed back to the inlet pipe and more often than not; the factory plumbing cannot be re-used. cp-e™ sought a solution that could be applicable across platforms and hence they designed the HeliHose™. Strength for boost, flexibility for fitment were the key requirements.

    The design is much like that of a standard silicone hose, but we included some key features which make it useful for this application and unique on the market.

    • 4-ply reinforced silicone hose
    • Helical cut throughout for flexibility
    • Steel wire routed through the hose to prevent kinking, while maintaining extreme flex
    • Two Stainless Liner clamps are included, providing clamping pressure without tearing
    • silicone
    • Gloss silicone finish with Custom Performance Engineering logo
    • 14.5” in length
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Lifetime warranty